Town on the Una River, is a city that boasts a rich and long history, and today is the economic and cultural center of Una-Sana Canton. To the west of Bihac borders with the municipalities of R Croatian Donji Lapac and Plitvice Lakes Korenica, in the north with the municipality of Cazin, in the east with the municipalities of Bosanska Krupa and Bosanski Petrovac, and in the south with the municipality of Drvar.

In addition to historical attractions, Bihac provides sports fans developed sports and recreation tourism dominated rafting, gliding, biking, and fishing and hunting. Sports tourism offer based on sports activities on the river Una, a rapidly developing outdoor activities that are associated with the mountain and other natural resources as well as ii cultural and historical resources that enable the development of cultural tourism, and especially in a way that will connect more activities – eg. creating bike or walking path of a stone slab to another.

What makes Bihac is best known natural beauty that abounds, so that nature lovers coming in Bihac be love at first sight. You have to spot even at the entrance of the town, the waterfalls which are continuing in a quiet, somewhat mysterious emerald river flow through the city surrounded by greenery, the magical effect on every visitor of this city. Therefore, cafes, restaurants and hotels inevitably gravitate toward the beautiful river Una which allows daily relax with the murmur of the river. This is the perfect place to relax.

Bihac is a city whose beauty and charm you simply must win. He has always been a crossroads of major routes, and therefore I contact the East and West, old and new visible at every turn and the visitor will provide, at the very least, interesting stay. There is no person who will not remain indifferent to a known Krajina hospitality and warmth.